the perfect summer hairstyle updo that flatter your face shape

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    Most women can not live with him, and certainly can not live without it. It seems that every woman has complaints about his own hair. Straight long hair for women and women of delicious curls of long curly hair smooth, straight locks. However, when summer arrives, everyone tries to find a way to keep your hair, face and neck, especially for the night of luxury, summer night and the nights in the city. The solution to this is to yourself to find the perfect summer hairstyle updo that flatter your face shape, hair type and clothing. Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling.

    For women with curly hair plays a great idea updo hairstyle with texture. In this way, you do not have to fight and rebel curls frizz humidity of summer. Just pin your curls with several barrettes and braids of hair on the back of your neck. Use a little hairspray to keep curls in place, and you have a ready-made, elegant, flapper-girl touches congratulate your curls.

    Another option when it comes to updo hairstyles for summer is the bow undone. This is perfect for all hair types and requires very little effort. All you have to do is gather all your hair up, pull back and fix it in a high bun. Then, take a few well-placed roll of wire and letting them hang a kind of disorderly conduct (but elegant) around his face. You can move this updo after a day at the beach or while dressing for a night of luxury.

    If time permits, smart hair, stick-straight, then a good option for you is the bread of the dancer. The preparation of anti-frizz hair straightening serum, and then pick up in style at the back of the head and slowly turn into a bun. The key to this look is to eliminate all frizz, so spray the pan with a hair spray to keep the top flat and frizz less. With every fiber perfectly in place, the bread of the dancer to display her beautiful face.

    Women's or girls with curly hair, straight hair, the ponytail is always a classic alternative, but it is certainly one of the simple updo hairstyles. Pull your hair into a sleek ponytail. A low ponytail that cascades down the side of his shoulder is elegant, but if you want to call the attention of a good pair of earrings or a necklace, pull hair up into a higher one. Variations in the side ponytail hit, or cut your bangs back for a poof at the top of his head. Again, use hair spray or serum to control frizz.

    Last but not least, women's hair curly or straight hair, you can always rock a side braid. Brush the hair and pull it in style with a long braid to the side of the head. If the loose threads are at the height of the braid and hang around his face, only adds to the natural elegance of the look. The side of the mesh is ideal for a daytime look, but can be dressed for an evening event.

    The length of your hair should be taken into account, because if your hair is shoulder length you need more support if you have braids in the style of your waist. Simple updo hairstyle updo and ponytail start with just a few elements: hair clip, barrettes, ribbons and floral accessories for added drama. Formal hairstyles require fewer decorations if you're really a party or celebrity event.

    Updo hairstyles for weddings can be easily accomplished by separating the hair in half and then take each section and turn away from your face until you reach the back of the neck, allowing the hair is to look cramped around the edges . Each side Bobbie pins are used to keep hair in place. If you have any loose ends you can put on a hair clip and tuck the ends in the back of his head, ending with a crown back in a bun is partial.

    Updo hairstyles for long hair is easier to comb your hair, all in one piece, if you have many layers you have to set the hair in a loose braid or two touches the first string, but not necessary for a hair longer simply part the hair into four separate sections of the upper and the two front pieces and rotating in a circular motion in a cone shape then take the two sections at the back and lift the front is a good idea to have some combs to secure the sides and then use hair clips at the ends to avoid separation.

    Updo hairstyles for prom, it's fun because the styles of the versatility and creativity that can be used for that special night. Some of the best ways of hair style of dance is the night to make sure you leave a lock hanging on the front and sides of your face for a sexy look, the rest of the hair can be combed back and close to the scalp , leaving the ends to swell in a fluffy bed tousled waves, these can be achieved with a curling iron, just wrap the ends around the end of the clip until you get a curl inclined, it is best not leave the curly hair until well , because then you will end up with frizz.

    After adding a bit of hairspray and hair, hair shine and luster to an end. You will be the show stopper at the event and will definitely have to take many pictures of your updo. Get hairstyle tips and ideas online, as well as photos of celebrity hairstyle looks best of the year.

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the perfect summer hairstyle updo that flatter your face shape

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